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Employee Engagement

Whilst there are many definitions of what Employee Engagement is, there is agreement that it is a Physiological State experienced by employees and that engaged employees are key to helping your business to succeed.

A widely accepted view is that of  Utrecht University group of occupational psychologists​ who describe it as a state of mind with 'engaged employees' displaying:

  • Vigour (energy, resilience and effort).

  • Dedication (for example, enthusiasm, inspiration and pride).

  • Absorption (concentration and being engrossed in one’s work)

Regardless of the definition an organisation chooses to follow, what is clear is that engaged employees are good for business. So how do you find out how engaged your employees are and what do you do about it if they're not?

Conducting an Employee Engagement Audit is the first step in the process, allowing you to find out what your employees know and feel about their organisation, and allowing you to then take the steps to build on and increase this level of engagement for the benefit of the business and employees themselves.

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