Furlough winding down and can't afford to bring all your employees back?

With the furlough scheme starting to wind down and costs starting to transfer back to employers, businesses may be wondering how they are going to be able to afford to bring all of their employees back to work.


Covid has had a massive impact on the economy and many businesses will be struggling to get back on their feet as we emerge out of lockdown. Despite the best efforts of many organisations, redundancies are going to be inevitable as the government support provided through the furlough scheme is withdrawn.


As an employer you may be worried about how you reduce your employee base, whilst making sure you don’t fall foul of any legal requirements.

Task HR can provide you with a free hour consultation to talk about how you can restructure your business to not only survive Covid, but also come out stronger. We can help ensure you do everything in line with legal requirements, as well as thinking about the impact on your employees.

Get in touch to arrange your complimentary consultation. This can be done either virtually or face to face. Contact us via email at katy.mcminn@taskhr.co.uk  or phone on 07980 562292.